Charleston: Your Lies Have No Power Here, Churchill!

In our thrilling continuation of Guest-Writer-A-Con, one of our first Twitter supporters, Tammy, bring us an article after my own heart. There are oh so many reasons to yell “BULLCRAP” on Charleston, as I have previously stated in Charleston: Paradise or Mirage?. Tammy brings us some more reasons!

Screw you Churchill: Why the 2nd Mass Doesn’t Need Charleston

Ok, so this was the second topic that I came up with to help out the Falling Skies Blog with a guest post (maybe, just maybe they’ll be another one later this week… watch out folks!), but upon watching the Falling Skies marathon I just HAD to do this post first. So, here we go folks, the reasons why Charleston is a TRAP and why Weaver should have stuck to his guns and not gone south.

Now, I know most of you have been screaming at your TV sets about Charleston being a trap and naughty and such, but I figured I would consolidate what we are all thinking anyway (or sway you to our way of thinking if you had drank the Kool-Aid (Tom!) and figured that Charleston and the Beach would be a great place to vacation for the winter).

So, here are the most obvious reasons for thinking that Churchill is a lying sack of…. Well, you know.

Most of the followers of Falling Skies have been around since the events of Sept. 11th, so you will probably remember what is was like in those days after the attacks. The quiet that was uber-creepy because there wasn’t a plane in the sky. Then it was because the US military was on High Alert for follow up attacks. In the world of Falling Skies, it’s because the aliens have neutron bomb the begeesuz out the world to the point where there were no planes, nothing but the beamers, the alien patrol ships that are constantly on the lookout for resistance groups.

So how the heck does a prop plane get from Charleston to some airport somewhere in the vicinity of Boston without getting shot out of the sky?

That’s the first thing that Weaver and Tom want to know, and Churchill’s answer should have been the first flag on the play.

Why? Cause she doesn’t answer the question! She talks about the construction of the plane and flying “under their radar” RADAR? Really? The Aliens use Radar and Radar alone to target… well their targets? Cause it seems to me that most of the facts on the ground show that at least a small bit of the aliens targeting relies on IR. And seriously that prop plane is going to show up big a life on IR.

I mean, really folks? Why did the Mass Resistance split up in the first place waaaaay back in season 1 if not because the aliens were figuring out how to pick up smaller and smaller groups of people. Radar isn’t that good at that sort of thing from what I understand but IR is EXCELLENT at that. So those four planes would have been spotted a half mile out of Charleston and been shot down like Snoopy shooting down the Red Baron.

Why does the 2nd Mass believe this woman? Weaver sure as heck isn’t buying it at that point (Go Weaver!).

So, what does Churchill do next to prove that she’s legit? She whips out a piece of paper from the “Continental Congress” to prove that she’s under orders to find and round up the resistance groups to “bring them into Charleston”.

Hahahahahahahaahaha. Ok, I’m good now. Seriously? Ok, Churchill, I’ve got a set of orders RIGHT HERE that says that Pope, Anthony and Tector are supposed to report to my house right now to for my personal bodyguard in case of an alien attack. Look, right here, it’s got a seal on it, and it’s all embossed and official looking and everything.

Any takers on that? Huh? Oh come on folks, I’m as trustworthy as Churchill for crying out loud (actually more trustworthy if you ask me, but I’m biased).

What I’m trying to say is that anyone can produce an “official” looking document. I’m a DM and I do it all the time. And since this “Continental Congress” is something that NO ONE in the 2nd Mass has heard of, no one knows what “official” is supposed to look like.

So, really, a piece of paper is should not have held ANY water, leaky bucket that it is.

Next, Churchill starts talking about how wonderful Charleston is, and how the various resistances are coming together and she’s supposed to go over to England and the Continent to spread the word about what is happening in the US. When asked about how they contacted England, she says by shortwave radio.

Shortwave? Really? You mean the same sort of device that Uncle Scott spent half of last season trying to get to work, all that he got was static and Skitter Radio? That sort of shortwave? The one that?

Churchill, how stupid do you think we are? We’ve known for a while that the aliens are jamming the radio waves. Sigh. This were I would normally start banging my head against the wall if I were gaming and the rest of the group was doing what the 2nd Mass is doing, which is falling for this hook, line and sinker.

So, fine, Churchill convinces everyone that a nice winter at the beach would be AWESOME compared to snow Popes up in the Catskills. Fine, ok, lets head south into the unknown (cause really? Mason SAYS there’s nothing up in the mountains, and I would take nothing to a huge herd of 3K plus people ripe for the pickin’ any day).

Weaver decides after Jimmy’s death (Poor Jimmy L) that the 2nd Mass is going to Charleston and what happens? Every single time that the 2nd Mass stops for any particular length of time, something Really and Truly Horrible happens (Poor Jamil and Boone). It’s only when they are trying to be on the move (southward of course) that things tend to not happen as much. Heck, even according to Pope’s Blog he was heading west (not south, smart boy) when they ran into the Fish-heads and Karen in the ep Homecoming.

So, are the aliens herding the 2nd Mass that way? Is the fact that Tom was ALL about Charleston proof that he’s possibly being controlled by the aliens? Maybe, we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Alright, I’m done bagging on Churchill, but I’m not finished with this whole Charleston thing, not by a long shot cause this next bit is why Tom Mason sucks as a History Professor.

Let me start this by saying that I love Noah Wylie, I think he’s a great actor and he does the “Hero” thing really well. But I have special fondness in my wicked little heart for anti-heroes, so while I like Mason; I love Pope. So while I respect what the Professor is trying to do, I think he needs to go back to his history books and here’s why. By the way, just so that you understand my perspective here, I’m a Civil War re-enactor when I’m not doing all the other stuff that fills up my blogs so I know a bit about history.

This whole Continental Congress thing irked me from the beginning. I mean, if you are going to call your new government something, why the Continental Congress? For those of you that don’t know what the Continental Congress did, well let me educate you very quickly and relatively painlessly. They declared war on Britain and set up the Articles of Confederation. What are those you might ask?

Well, they are the rules that governed the US before we came up with the Constitution. They proved for a nice, weak form of central government that almost got us steamrolled over by other countries. So why do we think it’s a good thing to hang out with folks who stylize themselves after some folks that picked a fight with the biggest superpower of the time and then didn’t provide a reasonable form of government for us?


This brings me to another one of Tom’s arguments, the one that really has me scratching my head…

We don’t want to go into the Catskills because if we just disappear into the mountains in winter, then the aliens will think we gave up.

That’s Mason’s view of things. So, remind me of something Professor, what did George Washington do in 1777? He wintered in a place in Pennsylvania called Valley Forge. Did it suck? Yes it absolutely did. Did he come back stronger and kick the crap out of the British? Yes he absolutely did. So, if the aliens know our history so well, why does Mason ignore this fact and think that the aliens would see it as Napoleon in Moscow as opposed to Washington in Valley Forge?

Alright, one more thing and I’m out of here.

Charleston. Now, I’ve never been to Charleston, hear it’s a very lovely city, but I do know a bit about its history. Charleston is known as one of the most haunted cities in the US and why not? Charleston has been fought over in both the American Revolution and the Civil war, mostly because it has such a great harbor. There has been a great loss of life in Charleston.

So, back in 1861 there was this little scuffle. A bunch of folks didn’t like the way things were being run, and so they decided to start a rebellion, a form of resistance by forming their own government, and gathering troops, all the fun stuff. And you know, the government that was in charge didn’t take too kindly to that.

And so the Rebels decided that they were going to fight instead of give in, and the army in Charleston decided, you know there’s this fort over on an island in the bay that probably has lots of supplies, and since it’s on our territory, we are just going to ask the nice soldiers at the fort to let us have it. Since it’s ours and stuff. That was April 11, 1861. And when the nice army people said no, the rebels decided to bomb the heck out of the fort. And all sorts of nastiness started that took a few years and a lot of lives to clear up.

The new government couldn’t have picked a worse place for its capital as far as history of failed rebellions, unless of course it picked Atlanta (but that has enough problems as it is with another basic cable show).

Of course, since most of fandom is thoroughly convinced that Charleston is a trap, maybe they should have picked Savannah, the city that was “too beautiful to burn” during the Civil War, although it’s said that the city fathers might have bribed Sherman to not torch.

So there you have it dear readers, why I think that everything points to Charleston being a very, very bad move on the 2nd Mass’s part. Everything from Churchill’s lies, to the way the aliens are acting to the fact that our pillar of the community Tom Mason is not paying attention to the red flags in front of his face.

Rest assured, I will be screaming at my TV screen all the way to Charleston just like the rest of you.

Viva la resistance, ya’ll.

Tammy can be found on Twitter, @laughing_coyote, where links to her blog can be found in her Twitter bio.

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 30, 2012.

6 Responses to “Charleston: Your Lies Have No Power Here, Churchill!”

  1. You bring up a good point about Tom possibly being controlled by the aliens and that’s why he wants to bring the second mass to Charleston. As shown by this season, nothing is as black or white as it appears. That’s definitely a possibility among several others of course. Why Weaver fell for it is beyond me, but he seems to trust Tom with his life so perhaps that is why. The other members of the second mass don’t seem to be questioning it either – perhaps they are just so desperate to believe that a “paradise” exists out there that they are ignoring all the red flags. Great guest article.

  2. Thanks for that (Wow comments on my guest article, how COOL). I did mean to wrap it up with my thoughts about why the 2nd Mass is going to Charleston, but wanted to focus on why it was a baaaaaad idea. I’m sure there are about 176 different reasons for the 2nd Mass going along with the hair-brained scheme (Yeah, I said it, HAIR-BRAINED).

  3. Okay, this is the third time I’ve tried to respond and I’d like to say, “Doublefrick you, WordPress! I hate you and hope you die horribly!” Anyway…

    I wanna party with you, Tammy! You said everything I muttered at my screen (screaming alarms my cats) about Charlestrap.

    I also agree with your theory that Tom is an unwilling sleeper agent for the cooties. It fits into the “Tom gets life-changing news” plot point that’s been released. We don’t know what they did to him on board the ship and the finale would be the perfect place to reveal that.

    I’d like to second your BS call on following Amelia Earhart on blind faith. Not buying for a minute that the Skitters can detect the energy from a single vehicle but not from an entire city. The Skitters know Charlestrap is there and leave it alone for some reason. My guess is a reservation or breeding facility. They’re going through Skitters at an alarming pace and need replacements.

    Everytime the 2nd stops they get whacked with the Skitter stick, but hey, if they hadn’t stopped at the hospital we never would have been treated to the vomitfest that is Anne and Tom giggling over him being late to work because they were…otherwise occupied.

    How come no one has consulted the one person who knows more about Skitters and their motives than anyone: Ben? The long winter might have proven to be a good time to move to the mountains and regroup, but Charlestrap will be more exciting, I guess.

  4. Why Weaver suddenly bought into this madness – after shaking his head over the “official papers” – is the biggest mystery of the show. Losing Jimmy should have made him more careful and not running blindfolded towards any potential risk.

  5. Thanks again everyone who has posted comments. I really appreciate them all. And thanks for everyone who has read this, even if you didn’t post anything.

    Beth, here’s a set of orders for you, just fill in the blanks for who you need for a bodyguard and we can ALL be like Churchill!

    KidCarnival, I’m with you on that. I don’t know why Weaver rolled over, could it be that at that point he was still looking for his family? That he hoped that they were in Charleston? That since he wasn’t able to save Jimmy, that maybe he’d be able to save his family (since at that point he didn’t know about the fate of his family). Of course, that begs the question, now that he knows what happened to his family, why does he keep going? Is it the hope that he can save the 2nd Mass?

    Maybe its because he knows that he’s in over his head with the fighting on the run stuff. The attrition rate is pretty steep ever since Fitchburg.

  6. Charleston is a damn long way. I doubt it’s the first place Weaver would have thought his family went to. As far as he knew, the 2nd Mass was the only larger resistance group in the area and a single person, without the support network, would have a hard time to hear about Charleston (Pilot Lady said she contacts other groups, not single survivors) and get there. If I see Weaver as a logical thinking person, I must assume that’s not why he agreed to go.
    It’s probably more a last straw of hope, in a “whatever, if it’s really a safe haven, fine, if not… we’re screwed anyway” way.

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