Where Do We Go From Here?

In the exciting continuation of Guest-Writer-A-Con, long time blog friend and super smart lady BethTX brings us some predictions and speculation on where this season is going! If you are a cynic, like me, you will definitely enjoy this!

First, let me say that everything that follows is wild-ass guesses and speculation. Really, my crystal ball is in the shop and LaToya Jackson is not returning my calls, so I’m throwing out some pitches about what’s to come in the last few episodes of Season 2 and beyond.

#1 The Big News: The episode synopsis released by TNT says that Tom receives “life-changing news” at the end of the season finale. “Life-changing” indicates something major, so we can assume this news has to do with either Tom himself or someone he loves. That means either one of his boys or Anne. Could it be the totally unsurprising “surprise” pregnancy plot cliché I’ve been dreading since Anne first simpered at Tom during the first episode? God, I hope not. I’m throwing up a little even typing this. After all, the pregnancy un-surprise is the refuge of lazy writers who are stuck for plots and so far we haven’t seen that from the Falling Skies writers. Still, I’m thinking a Tom/Anne spawn may be lurking there like a croc in a favorite swimming spot, waiting to sink its foul teeth into the fans and drag us screaming to the bottom to be eaten later. Sorry. Can you tell I really hate this tired old plot point? The un-surprise pregnancy ruined The Walking Dead, but here’s hoping it will keep away from Falling Skies. As Glinda the Good Witch said, “Be gone! You have no power here!”

Another possibility is a revelation about the health or safety of Tom himself or one of his boys. Something to do with Tom’s time on board the alien ship? Nothing has ever been said about that and he’s troubled by missing chunks of time and what the aliens actually did to his mind and body. That was such a big deal during the first two episodes that I can’t see them just abandoning it. We’ve seen nothing to indicate that Hal and Matt have health or safety concerns (beyond the usual for an alien apocalypse survivor), but Ben has wandered off to play Che Guevara to a group of Skitters, so news about his capture/torture/re-harnessing wouldn’t be surprising.

Far-out possibility: Anne’s husband and son are alive and well in Charleston. We don’t know how they died or even if they did. She never spoke about the deaths themselves, so for all we know they were simply separated and she assumed. I actively root for this, as it would put an end to a very gratuitous and unbelievable relationship.

#2 Maggie’s Cancer Returns: I don’t see this happening this season. Too much else will be going on with Charlestrap—err, I mean Charleston—but I do think it’s in the works for later in the series. Maggie made such a to-do about it as her reason for keeping Hal at arm’s length (yeah, we get it, Maggie, you’re the tough, beautiful chick with a heart of marshmallow, the drooling fanboy’s dream) that they almost have to play the cancer card at some point. I further predict that she’ll be on her deathbed when a friendly Skitter reveals that they have the cure.

#3 Ben and Lourdes: This is like a fresh lemon dripping into an open wound in my soul, but I’m afraid I see Ben/Lourdes coming up to smack the viewer with a vomit fist. Ben’s gone all emo, Lourdes has gone all emo, and both are the only two on the show without anyone to giggle at during inappropriate moments like Mech attacks and man-eating spider incursions (yes, Hal and Maggie, I am looking at you). It doesn’t help that I hate Lourdes and hope she becomes a new pair of leather hot pants for the Overlord. Keep it in church, Churchy Churcherton, you know, while the rest of the 2nd Mass is trying to face the real world. My white-hot hatred aside, it’s a pretty age-inappropriate relationship. Ben is 15 and Lourdes is old enough for med school, which puts her in her early 20s. Here’s hoping Chris Hansen is still alive somewhere. Why don’t you have a seat, Lourdes, and tell us why you’re here.

#4 Charleston: The only way this could be more obviously a Skitter Death Star is if there were actual billboards along the way saying, “Seriously? You buy this bull hooey?” and “Are you people really still going in this direction? Tom Mason, are you mentally challenged?”

I don’t think this is an actual concentration camp; after all, if the aliens’ plan was to wipe out all of humanity they’ve had plenty of opportunities that don’t involve Amelia Earhart cruising the globe with handwritten invitations (if a pilot in a single-engine place could find pockets of survivors, you’re telling me the aliens can’t?). No, I think Charleston is a combination reservation and breeding farm. The aliens need human children for some reason and I think Charleston is a trade-off: you get to live in peace and keep the kids you already have IF you hand over your future kids. Spew alert: this would tie in nicely with Tom finding out about Anne’s pregnancy.

So there they are, for better or for worst. None of these possible plots are fresh, surprising, or even mildly interesting, so someone please tell me I’m wrong about everything.

Beth did NOT have a website she wanted to plug, so I leave you, as always, with the wise words of Wesley Crusher:

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 26, 2012.

4 Responses to “Where Do We Go From Here?”

  1. I’d love to make you happy and tell you you’re wrong but…you make some excellent points. Okay, so Ben/Lourdes is out there and probably unlikely but the others (some of which I’ve heard before) made me stop and think. Moon Bloodgood is pregnant (and showing!) and with filming resuming late this August I’m wondering how they’re going to cover her up, if at all. If they do decide to go with the pregnancy route, I don’t think it would be ALL bad. Bear in mind that most fans of this show are just casual television fans in general. Over-complex psyche-twisting plots aren’t really going to appeal to them, but something a bit romantic (groan if you will) that also drives a point home will, plain and simple. And if your idea of Charleston is correct (and it seems very likely) then there’s at least a twist on it that should keep everyone at least mildly entertained.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting! This is my first guest blog and my POV is a little bitter given the possibilities I laid out.

    All personal preferences aside, the big problem with the pregnancy plot is the same as The Walking Dead: baaaad idea to pop out a spawn when there is no future as of yet. No home, no medicine, no vaccines, etc etc. Now, Lori from TWD is about as dumb as a box full of hair, so you can understand her not seeing the connection between unprotected sex and babies, but Anne and Tom are bright, educated people. Hard to imagine them not using protection.

    I read that Moon Bloodgood is pregnant and almost groaned out loud. Not for Moon herself, of course, but for the corner the writers may be getting backed into. I hold out the hope that they’ll cover it and go on.

  3. There is really nothing in the realm of entertainment I dread more than the pregnancy plot. It just makes me want to smash things that characters we are supposed to regard as “heroes” are that stupid. Every pre-schooler knows where babies come from these days and I can’t be that hard to realize that a damn apocalypse (zombies, aliens, killer virus, you name it) is on top of the “Bad times to procreate” list. It also always strikes me as odd… No, not just “odd”. It strikes me as inhumanly unlikely that, as soon as a pregnancy is announced, really no-one says “what the hell were you thinking?!” and everyone just goes “aww, how sweet, let’s build a cradle!”

    However, Ben and Lourdes? Nope, not seeing that at all. First, I don’t think cougar-fishing runs in the family. Hal is simply a special case. Or Maggie. Or both. And secondly, Lourdes must head into Tank Girl territory, shave her head, wear an outfit made from overlord-skin and put Pope’s bodycount to shame. She’s destined to be Punisher. Nothing you say or do will change my mind about that, and also nothing the writers say or do. She’s gonna be like Machete, just not that ugly in the face.

  4. I hope you’re right about Ben and Lourdes. It’s something that’s been in the back of my mind since season one where the “we have to pair everyone up” trend started early. I’m surprised Matt doesn’t have anyone at this point.

    Lourdes is my least favorite character, actually falling slightly ahead of Anne, but I like your take on it. If she goes Tank Girl, she’s doomed, but at least she’d go ouyt i an interesting way.

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