Quick: Who’s Next on the Chopping Block?

I’m fairly certain the fairly major death happens tonight in “Molon Labe”. (The death happening in “Death March” seems a little obvious. We’ve been discussing who it is quite constantly on twitter and IMDB.

Here are my thoughts. Pretty much everybody who is confirmed for the 3rd season is out, since I applaud the very sparing use of flashbacks on this show. Anthony is confirmed as being in the 3rd season, so not him. Sarah Carter (Maggie) is also confirmed, so she is out as well. Ben is just not going to happen, for various reasons, not the least of which so many fans would riot and abandon the show. Tom as well. I don’t see it being Hal, even though I wish it would be. I think Weaver is out, now that they saved him with that magical blood cleaning machine.

It really all comes down to how you define “fairly major”. It really is an ambiguous term, that can mean different things to different people. What does “fairly” mean? Not in the main credits, but have a lot of lines? In the major credits, but don’t have a lot of lines? Not too many unresolved plots involving them? Not a big name actor?

As I have stated on IMDB, my (and many others’) money is on Matt Mason. He fits my definition of “fairly major”, Maxim Knight is pretty much about to age out, and it would advance the story line for all the characters’ growth. It would rip up Tom with guilt, especially if Matt dies in some capacity that involves combat now that Tom is allowing him to take a more active role. Ben would feel responsibility as well, because he is the one got the ball rolling by trying to teach Matt to shoot. Hal, if he even noticed, might blame himself for never paying attention to his littlest brother because he was too busy whining about Ben/Karen/Maggie/and such. Also, as KidCarnival pointed out, his 4-letter name violates the “Masons must have 3-letter names” rule.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the “Molon Labe” review shortly after the episode tonight, and the trailer for “Death March”!

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 22, 2012.

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