Molon Labe: Take the Hype, Blow it Out of the Water. SPOILERS

*WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for the current episode “Molon Labe”, it is written for those who have seen the episode*

As the berzerkers would say: Tick, tick. Boom.

This episode, in the first five minutes, proved why actors and crew have been saying all week that this was their “favourite” (as Connor Jessup and Mpho Koaho would say) episode so far. Aside from the Hal and Maggie love fest. Who saw that coming? Oh wait, everybody, everybody saw that coming. 

Once again, it is nice to be right. I am way too mature to say “I told you so”, oh wait, no I’m not. I TOLD YOU SO. Ben playing Karen was ridiculous. I am not going to reitirate all the reasons why I say that, for full background scroll down to: and

Every little bit we learn about the harness week by week fascinates me. It seems that not even the Overlord can automatically read you like a book when the spikes get glowey (yes, I persist in my use of the word glowey). This is an interesting fact, since it seemed that Red Eye could just hold up his hands, stop Ben in his tracks, and tell Ben everything he needed to know about the Rebellion via the Link. But the Overlord needed to “worm his way” in to learn more about the Rebellion. Then, like 20 minutes later, the Overlord has such complete control that he can not only turn Ben into a parrot, but he can literally start draining the life out of him. 

Ben’s faith in himself is put severely to the test. The scene where Ben is desperately (I really use that word a lot where Ben is concerned, don’t I?) trying to make Tom understand that he has to leave, and has had to for weeks, is a watershed moment for Ben. All the things he has kept inside, afraid to bring to light, pour out of him. His fear that has waited too long, that he has put his whole family and community in danger. He is searching for a way to hold on to everything to at once, and there just isn’t one. The ending scene where he says goodbye to Tom, that he is going to find other kids like him is a heart breaker. It opens a lot of possibilites though. How will he be received by these others, and the people with them? Will they accuse him of trying to steal their children like the skitters already did once? It is nice to have some confirmation that the Massachusetts resistance isn’t the only group that managed to figure out a way to de-harness children. I must repeast myself from earlier times: if they move Ben off-screen for the rest of the season, I will flip my lid.

I and others have been saying for weeks that the Human Resistance has been basically no threat to the Aliens thus far this season. It is nice to have Tom confirm that in-show tonight. To start making an impact again, they need to link up with the Skitter Rebellion. I would say Charleston, but as we know by now if we are smart, Charleston is a trap. 

Apparently two lives had to be sacrificed on the altar of “fairly major” death. I take solace in the fact that I put forward Jamil’s name quickly in a few instances. So, while I wasn’t totally right, I wasn’t totally wrong either. 

Where did Lourdes learn to talk to like that? I have to admit, I really kind of hated Lourdes up until now. Too bad it took the death of Jamil to wake her up from this Fallout-style dream that if she pretended really hard, the world would be the same and nothing about her had to change. 

There will definitely be other thoughts coming tonight and in the coming days. Look for another piece on Pope and Anthony. A preview of “Death March” will be posted as soon as I find one. But, for now:

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 22, 2012.

6 Responses to “Molon Labe: Take the Hype, Blow it Out of the Water. SPOILERS”

  1. This episode is why Falling Skies is one of the highest rated shows out there. They continue to raise the bar for acting, writing, and special effects and somehow manage to keep up with all three. The Walking Dead could take a page from their book.

    Once again, Connor Jessup really stole the show. He’s young to have that much refined talent, but Jesus the kid can act! His transition from scared kid to solider to Overlord puppet in one episode was seamless and completely believeable. And yes, I admit I cried when he was saying goodbye to Tom at the end. The look on his face when he was watching his brothers was priceless.

    The only “boo” notes for me were 1) Hal/Maggie and their impromptu makeout session. Because who doesn’t get horny when pinned down by enemy forces and facing a plague of man-eating spiders? 2) Lourdes. Period. Didn’t like her as a Jesus Freak and can’t say she’s any better as an Emo chick. Hope someone introduces her to The Smiths so she has an outlet. I suggest “Girlfriend in a Coma” and just see where that takes her.

    I’m too old to be a squealing fangirl, but I did let out
    an “awwwwwww” when Hal and Ben made up.

    Last but not least, I celebrated the triumphant return of Tom’s personality. Between his giggling over Dr. Whatsherface and keeping Weaver in line I was wondering if Tom even remembered he had sons. He came through for Ben in this one, first taking a stand on the “hard choices” and then busting a cap in the Kate Moss-looking alien who thought it would be funny to use Ben as a puppet. Consider
    yourself off my poo list, Tom. Probation, but off the active poo list.

    On to Obvious Traptown!

  2. Very insightful, I totally agree. And you said you didn’t think you had what it takes to write a guest article! I would publish your stuff in a second if it sounds like this!

  3. I like the way Lourdes is developing.

    (However, you should note that I’m mentally trapped in an alternative universe where Falling Skies is a spaghetti western scifi show, mainly following the adventures of Sheriff Anthony Cassidy and Sundance John Pope, a wild west voodoo priest. In this world, we are about 1.5 episodes away from Lourdes taking up heavy arms and running toward a mothership, screaming “tonight, YOU dine in hell”, while sporting a Tank Girl-like hairstyle and wearing an outfit entirely made from overlord skin.)

    I personally can’t get over the stupidity of Tom. Ben tells him he could barely resist the overlord in the forest, so the next thing Tom does is take Ben to see the captured overlord. Not enough with the “surprising” attack on Ben due to that. Tom also invites Harness!Karen back in and lets her get close to Ben, a few days after she temporarily brainwashed him without the harness. That really made me wonder why Tom hates his son so much.

  4. Aw, don’t hate Lourdes! I thought Seychelle Gabriel offered a realistic portrayal of what someone devout would do in a situation like that. She offers the ‘idealist’ point of view and realistically the world does have idealists. But I LOVED what they did with her now. I was inundating everyone I know with my theories in the weeks prior that they would kill Jamil and turn her into this broken, disillusioned character and I was right (so don’t feel bad about rubbing your right-ness in the face of others!). I think (and hope, pray, whatever) that they’ll continue to expand upon her character and the fact that her world was literally just shattered. Suddenly her idealist ‘reality’ isn’t so real anymore which is, again, realistic. Everyone has to wake up at some point and realize life ins’t ideal.

    On another note, to agree with a commentor above: Connor Jessup is perhaps one of the most talented young actors out there. He’s one to watch, I hope he goes places with talent like that!

  5. Thanks for the comments guys, super insightful! Just to let you know, I told Connor Jessup all the good things you guys have said about him!

  6. […] previously discussed my thoughts on the harness here and here, but today BethTX returns to give us some new views on how the harness affects […]

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