Getting Excited for “Molon Labe”

So I managed to grab some computer time, so I figured I’d post some thoughts. Mostly stream of consciousness stuff, so it may be a bit disjointed, but I didn’t want to leave you folks hanging since I got the opportunity to post a little.

I am really looking forward to “Molon Labe” this Sunday. Last week ended on such a great cliffhanger-esque feeling. (I am in favor of cliffhangers that are NOT season finales.) Lots of promising developments in the near future.

What is the fallout in the 2nd Mass of Ben leaving with Karen? I think we can all predict how Hal with react: illogically, emotionally, and way out of left field; it will all be Ben’s fault. (I hope we aren’t subjected to another “tender” Hal and Maggie hospital bed moment.) But how will Tom react to this potential betrayal? Even after Pope has pretty much confirmed she was sent by the Overlords, Tom will still have to deal with the fact that Ben ran off with Karen, and just left Maggie to basically bleed to death potentially. You know Pope isn’t going to just suck it up after how he already distrusts the “spikey one”. Colin Cunningham, who plays Pope, has pretty much confirmed that we don’t see Pope really get into it with Ben this season, but there could still be some interaction. There is no way Weaver (if he lives, the closer they get to Charleston, the easier it would be to have him be the “fairly major” death.) will not use this an opportunity to once again urge Tom to make the “hard choices” ( concerning Ben.

I have already posted a lot this week about how I do not believe Ben is playing Karen, that he has genuinely been taken in by her lies, so I won’t repost all of that stuff here, just scroll down to pretty much everything with “Homecoming” in the title, or that’s tagged with both Ben and Karen.

We also apparently  see the unleashing of a new type of enemy in this week’s episode. It was not immediately apparent from the quick clip what they actually are, but my bet is on some type of creature. The Overlords, spaceships not withstanding, seem to be much better that genetic engineering than building robots. I’m not sure if this week will be the “fairly major” death week. I keep thinking it will be on “Death March”, but that seems a little too obvious. Check out KidCarnival’s “Dealing the Death Card” over at CircusofScars to get some interesting takes on who may die.

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 20, 2012.

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