Charleston: Paradise or Mirage?

Let me start off by apologizing again for the lack of updates. Had I known what kind of time commitment this volunteer work was going to be in addition to my regular workload and this blog, I might not have taken it. I have been working hard trying to get guest writers, but this week seems to be cursed. I am dead on my feet, but I figured I owe you guys at least one article today!

So. Lady Pilot (I’m too lazy to look up her name, and man enough to admit I don’t remember it), turns up out of the blue, bringing good tidings just in the nick of time in “Compass”. Brings news of a new government being formed in Charleston (confirmed by Remi Aubuchon at Comic-Con to be South Carolina), the “disparate militias” being drawn together from around the nation. Hot showers, fresh food, kids playing the streets.

What a bunch of hooey. Most of you know I am firmly on the “Charleston is a Trap” team. You can find a lot of my thoughts on Charleston in earlier blog posts, but I’ll try to condense it here.

First of all, the whole reason the 2nd Mass even exists is because the aliens developed the ability to detect groups of 5oo-600 people. Now, in season 2, we see they can detect the heat of car engines. They know where the 2nd Mass is, obviously. 

We are supposed to believe that the Overlords, after swearing death on any group over 500 people or using cars, either overlooked or ignored this gathering Charleston? Thus far, the Overlords have shown neither incompetence nor mercy, and these are the only two explanations for allowing Charleston to not be turned into a smoking crater.

After giving it some thought last night, I have decided could be still be a trap, but not an alien one. WHat if the 2nd Mass gets there, and they won’t let them leave? Or it turns out Terry O’Quinn’s new government uses civilians for slave labor (think the Daniel group in “Jeremiah”)? Charleston could very well be a trap of the human variety. It wouldn’t be a stretch for someone to be trying to turn what’s left of humanity into his own personal empire.

I will leave out the “Charleston is the alien sanctuary” stuff, because I don’t believe that to be true.

Ok, Not the best article I’ve ever written, but I owed you guys something!

Keep the Resistance Strong!


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12 Responses to “Charleston: Paradise or Mirage?”

  1. They let Tom go for bigger reasons and I firmly believe they are being herded towards Charlestown. I will go with my original IMDB theory:
    The “Overlords” are in the same position as we were in the battle of Guadalcanal early in WW2. The Overlord’s main battle fleet for whatever reasons have left them stranded. They are short on everything hence the scavenge parties for metals. My guess is their battle plan was to invade, overwhelm, decimate using occupation forces to build new forces and battleships from the wreckage. Something unexpected occurred, continued organized resistance, that has really screwed up the Overlord plans.

    The Overlords definitely want something beyond just killing the 2nd Mass. They have had the firepower all along to take them out at will. As with any occupation they will need a certain number of human collaborators to run the slave mining of our resources. It is not the rebellion, it is not Ben and it sure is not Red Eye.

  2. Interesting thoughts. I may have to disagree with the need for human collaborators. If they did not have the harnesses, that might be true. But since they have a means of controlling children utterly (or almost utterly, since some skitters have overcome its influence) and turn them into skitters, they have less need for native cooperation.

    I think we need to learn more about what resistance is going on in the rest of the world. Ben referred to “countless others around the world”, as of this season, the 2nd Mass seems to be much less a threat to the Aliens than they were in Season 1. At least until they possibly hook up with the skitter resistance.

  3. Remember the little old lady in the apartment in Boston last season?
    There are always collaborators…..

  4. That is a good point. But bear in mind that was before almost of all the resistance in the New England area was wiped out. I am not arguing your entire point is wrong, I believe it is correct to a certain degree. They just have less of a need for native assistance than, say Alexander did when he needed to leave people behind to run his empire as he expanded it.

  5. The first thing that went through my mind was how convenient it was for airplane chick to show up right as the 2nd Mass has suffered losses from Fitchburg and Tom has made his way back. Not that I’m suspicious of Tom himself, just of what the aliens want from him.

    I think Charleston is either a concentration camp, a reservation, or, worse, a breeding facility. The aliens need to replenish the harnessed children, so how better than to have a stud farm?

    What really makes me roll my eyes is that Tom the history prof doesn’t see it. Huh??? After he turned down the Overlord’s offer of relocation on the ship, he doesn’t see the link?

    • Have to wonder, too, where the Mason family in general fits in. The Overlords had a special interest in Tom and the Skitters have an interest in Ben. Something genetic or just pure coincidence?

      • I have written a couple of times on the Mason family dynamic in general, and as it relates to the 2nd Mass, but I have never considered a genetic aspect. It may be that for Ben, since he has reacted to the harness in a similar way to Karen and Rick, but that also may be because of the length they were harnessed. I don’t think it is a genetic link with Tom, I think he just happens to be a leader in the 2nd Mass, and easy to manipulate because of Ben

      • Tom is a cautious guy and a skeptic at heart (remember his reaction to Steven Weber’s character in season one and his reaction to Karen’s return), but he’s also a father who wants to give his sons a normal, safe life. That may be making him vulnerable to the Charleston trap, especially in regards to Ben.

  6. I still see Tom as a risk. The aliens do have a special interest in him. If they wanted the leader of the 2nd Mass, why didn’t they take Weaver? He was right there with Tom. And he would have gone if the aliens had said he either enters the ship or a bomb drops on his people. Or a bunch of mechs goes to kill them. But they decided to take the second in command, not the actual leader.
    Tom seems to have no further problems after being infected with an alien bug in his eye either – everyone who had alien tech in their body, be it harnessed kids or Weaver – dealt with an aftermath.
    Pope is the one sane person to still be suspicious, because after all that, it’s beyond foolish to just shrug and say “ah well, Tom is fine, look, he’s not vomitting nanobots, there’s sure no alien tech left in him”.

  7. I cannot remember off hand but when did the 2nd Mass lose contact with the other groups? Was it explained?

  8. […] oh so many reasons to yell “BULLCRAP” on Charleston, as I have previously stated in Charleston: Paradise or Mirage?. Tammy brings us some more […]

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