More Thoughts on “Homecoming” and the Return of Pope and Anthony!

So. It has become pretty obvious that the Overlords have known all along where the 2nd Mass has been. This is really the only explanation for how they knew exactly where to dump Karen.

I have said before that Tom has good strategic instincts, but poor tactical ones. He is good at the broad strokes, “resist the aliens, make the price of occupation high, restore the country, etc” but when it comes to the day to day aspects of leadership, his abilities tend to falter. Tom actually showed some good tactical, rather than strategic, sense in this episode. He recognized that Karen could be a threat, didn’t treat her like he would if she was his daughter. Making sure she was locked up guarded was a very good decision. However, his decision to endanger the entire 2nd Mass just to save Weaver, not so much. I understand that Weaver is a major character, and Will Patton is unlikely to be killed off, but the characters don’t know they are in a show. They don’t know that Weaver is important to a story line. Thus, his actions for Weaver smack of sentimentalism, and were poor tactical choices.

Really quick, as I am re-watching “Homecoming” I think the pivotal moment when Karen starts reeling Ben in is when she describes (lies about) how she is experiencing hearing the Overlords “like the TV and radio and static all at once”. This is the point where Ben starts thinking she is like him.

The, as Pope would put it, triumphant return of Pope and Anthony opens a lot of interesting ways for their story to go. What exactly were they doing while they were gone? How did they survive? What was the dynamic like between this former police officer and dramatically unstable ex-con? Everyone knows I am generally against flashbacks, I consider them a crutch often lazy writers use to avoid writing good dialogue. But, with the proper application like in “Worlds Apart” and “We Shall Gather at the River”, I think it would be interesting to see flashbacks of Pope and Anthony’s journey. I am really excited for the return of these two, and can’t wait to see more of them next week!

Navigate to the “Character Examination” category to see previous thoughts on Pope and Anthony. The next character examination MAY be “Tom Mason: Master Strategist or Lucky Coincidences?” I have not decided yet.

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The preview for next week’s “Molon Labe”


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One Response to “More Thoughts on “Homecoming” and the Return of Pope and Anthony!”

  1. When listening to Pope, I’m not sure he isn’t aware that he’s in a TV show. At times, he’s dangerously genre savvy and there were certainly moments when the 4th wall was showing cracks. Which is a good thing (as long as the wall doesn’t break in); especially with others (*cough* Tom *cough*) going in the genre blind direction.

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