Homecoming: Fast Start, Slow Middle, Great Finish? SPOILERS

Warning: The Following Article Contains Major Spoilers for “Homecoming”

I have stated before on twitter that I am not going to be doing super in-depth, scene by scene episode reviews. I feel like a lot of the other Falling Skies blogs and sites do that. So, as you know, here we focus on the characters, the story arcs, without delving into the “that glance they shared, let me write about for 2 pages” territory.

Alright, let’s get it out of the way: I TOLD YOU SO!

I realize it isn’t a “great” revelation that Karen was totally a trap. I have been saying it for weeks. I have to say, after I totally dropped the ball with my protestations that Red Eye wasn’t going to turn out to be rogue skitter (I reserve another I told you so for if it turns out he isn’t, plots within plots my friends), it feels good to get a win.

OK, onto the review. Full disclosure: I watched it twice, the first time with commercial breaks, so that may influence my perception of the timing. I thought this episode took a while to really get going. I know, things happened very quickly at the beginning: Finding Karen, Weaver flipping out, etc. But after that we got a slow burn until the last 15 minutes. Now, those last fifteen minutes were freaking amazing! 

Let’s discuss the opening scene real quick. Once again, they smack us in the face first off with some romance. Thanks guys, if I wanted to watch people awkwardly discuss their romantic interludes, I’d watch Downton Abbey. Instead of making out in a hospital bed, how about you run those those x-rays on Ben you talked about in “We Shall Gather at the River”? And don’t tell me that’s too sophisticated for this hospital, they have an ICU, they have a psych ward, they have a freaking x-ray machine.

I think Maggie showed real growth in this episode. Hopefully not her final moments, we’ll find out next week if she’s the “fairly major” character next up on Aubuchon and Beeman’s chopping block. She finally stood up to Hal, not placated him. She called him out about how if this was anybody but Karen, he would voicing the inconsistencies in this little play. The fact that only she survived, that they found them about a mile from the hospital. Seriously, they could have dumped those kids in the Gobi Desert, or even in the Meadowlands. They dump her in Richmond? In the words of John Pope “I’d call a flag on that play Cap’n”

Karen plays Ben like a finely tuned fiddle. Ben’s pride, as often happens, went-eth before his fall. He decided he was the only one suited to gauge her true loyalties. But his desperate (and completely understandable) need for acceptance, for understanding, drove this episode to the only logical conclusion: his subverting by Karen. Tom rightly points out in “Love and Other Acts of Courage” that Ben is indeed a teenager, who has a desire to save the world. That takes on a whole new meaning post-invasion. Saving the world isn’t finding the cure for cancer, or even designing a clean engine; for Ben it is about using the gifts he hates, to literally save his planet from total subjugation. Ben isn’t stupid, but he’s human, despite everything that’s happened to him.

That’s all for right now folks. Wanted to push this out before midnight hit here so people could read it in our main countries. More thoughts on stuff like Weaver and Charleston will be posted later, and as soon as I find a preview clip for next week, that’ll go up too.

Keep the Resistance Strong!

Edit: How could I forget about Anthony, when the amazing actor who portrays him has been super supportive and rewteeted a lot of stuff?! Expect Pope and Anthony to get their own article in the next day or so!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 15, 2012.

11 Responses to “Homecoming: Fast Start, Slow Middle, Great Finish? SPOILERS”

  1. Unfortunately, this was the first “meh” episode of the entire series for me. The whole Tom/Anne BS is painfully out of place. Late for work saving what’s left of humanity because you were giggling with your gf? Really, Tom? Are you 40 or 14? I really hope the writers aren’t setting us up for the cliched “surprise” pregnancy plot contrivance, but I think they are.

    Although Connor Jessup once again stood out as an actor, Ben’s sudden conversion to the First Church of the Holy Karen was totally unbelievable. Literally one minute he’s cautioning his father to get rid of her and the next he’s in her corner enough to leave Maggie to die on the floor. Not buying it.

    We know there’s one more character death this season. Hopefully, it’s Karen or Lourdes and not Ben.

  2. The surprise pregnancy is something I fear, too. It’s so clichee and so annoying. I sure had enough of that in TWD and in season 1, I was so relieved Falling Skies didn’t push the romances in the spotlight. I was perfectly fine with Tom and Anne until yesterday; that was really too much, especially after the annoying Hal/Maggie episode and with the prospect of a love interest for Ben. It better be a skitter, really, otherwise the show might forget it’s about freaking aliens.

    • Ugh! Don’t remind me about how bad TWD went down the clicheed road. The good news is, I don’t see Ben/Karen happening based on the preview. It looks like she’ll reveal that she’s still under control of the Overlord, or more likely be forced to reveal it by Tom or Hal.

      Just once, I’d like to see a show where men and women are just friends and remain that way. I blame the hoardes of squealing fangirls who would whine if there wasn’t a flirt every 2 minutes.

  3. I feel exactly like that about TWD. I was so excited about the concept, and it turned out to be so disappointing. The only thing that keeps you watching it is your desperate hope it will at some point be at least a little like you imagined. It’s so sad.
    I already said it on IMDB, I have a hard time to accept that really EVERY female character needs to be someone’s love interest. Let’s just consider the Ben-Karen kiss, and you have exactly ZERO women who aren’t involved with a guy. I can’t come up with a single other show that paired up really everyone. In a way, the few guys who didn’t get a girl are lucky, as they are the characters that won’t annoy the shit outta people who wanna watch a show about aliens.

    • Ha! You hit in spot on again. The forced romances while the world has gone to shit is really a sign of writers who can’t think of anything else to fill the time or any other way to develop the characters. Hm. Maybe that’s unfair. Maybe it’s more writers who pander to the lowest common denominator of viewers who will lose interest in everyone isn’t in everyone else’s pants. It’s been a grudge of mine forever. I don’t watch much TV, but the clicheed rmaonce seems to be an unfortunate staple.

      • I think it’s the misguided attempt to make characters sympathetic – “look everyone, they are just human, they seek love just like you!” Problem being, everyone already knows these characters are “just human” no-one is in their particular situation. The viewer “seeks love” without a freaking alien invasion, and would very likely replace that quest with “seek weapons” if an alien invasion should happen. So in the end, no, they are not “just like me”, they are artifical and make decisions so dumb it hurts my brain, and I will sure as hell not relate to someone I think has the IQ of a doormat. I turn to the characters that do what I would do in their situation and that usually happens to be the “radical/antagonist” with a “kill everything that moves” attitude.
        In reality – as in “real alien apocalypse” – you bet the fangirls of Ben and Hal would line up behind the Weavers, Popes and even Merle Dixons of the world faster than you can say “fan dumb” because they’d all suddenly realize that “asshole with a gun” makes a way better chance to survive than “awww cute actor!11one”. Frankly, that alone would be worth it, lulz

  4. Did you see last night’s 2nd Watch? Connor Jessup didn’t even know Jessy Schram was going to kiss him. So it shocked all of us.

  5. No, it’s not airing here as far as I can tell. And US websites usually give me “can only be viewed from the US” if they stream things.

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  8. […] Once again, it is nice to be right. I am way too mature to say “I told you so”, oh wait, no I’m not. I TOLD YOU SO. Ben playing Karen was ridiculous. I am not going to reitirate all the reasons why I say that, for full background scroll down to: https://fallingskiesblog.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/quick-thoughts-on-ben/ https://fallingskiesblog.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/interesting-take-on-ben-i-stand-by-what-i-said-earlier-and-harness-thoughts/ and https://fallingskiesblog.wordpress.com/2012/07/15/homecoming-fast-start-slow-middle-great-finish-spoi… […]

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