Guest Article on Anne. Update on Poll

Was this blog missing a woman’s touch? I certainly didn’t think so, but maybe it was. Today’s guest article comes to us from another IMDB user: chicpeach. While not quite a hive-mind-member, she often has good contributions to our discussions. She gives us her take on Dr. Anne Glass.

Now, it’s a little (a lot) more positive than we usually get on this blog, but I am committed to showcasing differing points of view. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Anne Glass.

Dr. Anne Glass

 When we first meet Dr. Anne Glass, she is working with the children of the 2nd Mass, helping them to sort through their feelings on the tragic invasion of their world, helping them to cope with the loss of loved ones, pets, favorite toys, home, school – their world as they knew it.   Six months after the alien invasion, this pediatrician functions as so much more than her chosen profession. She holds no gun, she doesn’t go on scouting missions, she’s never on the battle front, but without her, life would surely be miserable for the people of the 2nd Mass.

 Anne is guided by her heart and passion for people. She truly cares about the welfare of everyone in the 2nd Mass. She often speaks as an advocate for those whose voice cannot be heard: the children, the hurt and wounded, the unharnessed, the civilians. As the months pass and the aliens continue their attacks, she rises up, becoming their counselor, physician, surgeon, teacher, encourager and friend.

 Despite her gentle spirit and soft-spoken nature, she possesses great strength, perseverance and resolve.  Before putting Hal’s plan to rescue Ben into action, it was necessary to determine if a skitter could be killed quickly and quietly without alerting the others. It was Anne who boldly plunged a scalpel deep into the captured skitter’s mouth and killed it with her own bare hands to test her theory.

 As a mother who lost her son in the initial attack, she connected with Tom, whose son was harnessed by the aliens and the two have forged a close relationship despite the hell that is all around them. To have the courage to engage in a relationship and find happiness in a world decimated and controlled by alien invaders whose purpose is unknown, whose attacks are the only certainty and every day is a fight for survival, that is a woman of great tenacity. I have to admire this woman who has the determination to rise above her circumstances and actually live life.

Quick update: Ben and Dai are currently tied at 5 votes in the 

Keep the Resistance Strong!


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