Quick Thoughts (and a lot of Questions)

I’m not sure how all this “skitter religion” nonsense gained so much traction. Yes, what the skitters were doing at the beginning of “Love and Other Acts of Courage” looked VAGUELY like praying. That is, if you have only seen praying in Middle Eastern war movies, and you post faster than your brain processes information.

In my opinion, we do not at this point have enough information on the skitters to even begin speculating on if they even have a religion. We would need to know how many different species are skitters now, each would most likely come with it’s own religion. What kind of recall does a regular (i.e. not a rogue aware one like Red Eye) skitter have? Could they even remember that they had gods? How long does a skitter live? Do skitters reproduce without the harness after the transformation is complete, or all they are made with harnesses? Are there skitters now that have always been skitters? If there are “lifer skitters” then it would make sense that over the centuries they would develop their own slave religion, IF they have enough will and recall to do so.

However, those questions are moot for the moment, because: What was happening in the opening scene (which gives me goosebumps every time) was clearly a call to arms for the allies of Red Eye to gather themselves and their mechs (seriously, why don’t skitters have guns?). My current theory, based on the fact that for the most part (not always, put those comments away) we have seen mechs with skitters, is that a mech is tied to a particular skitter or group of skitters. It is the only way a mech fight (unless they are way more aware and alive they seem to be) would be possible.

As I have said previously, I find it perplexing that the call went out when it did. Red Eye should have picked a better time to try and recruit the humans. Was he about to be exposed? Were the Overlords after him? Did he know that the most dramatic way to advance the story line was doing it this way (DOES RED EYE KNOW HE IS IN A SHOW!?)?

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 11, 2012.

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