Some Quick Thoughts on Pope

I think I am going to do some other posts like “Dan Weaver” for some other characters like Pope, so this is just going to be a few quick thoughts on Pope and his return.

I have said numerous times that there is no way Pope will not return. Beside the fact that Colin Cunningham is a main character, his IMDB page states he will in 17 episodes total for the first two seasons. Kid did the better math about how many he has been in already, but it all boils down to he is most likely going to be in the final episodes of this current (BUT NOT LAST!) season.

Pope will return. My current theory is that he will have killed Anthony after Anthony tried to stop him from seeking revenge on the 2nd Mass in general and Tom specifically. If he goes after Weaver, we will have to see how Weaver’s leg affects his ability to defend himself. Once he learns Ben has been in communication with skitters, he will also go after him. (I can’t wait to see that fight). Pope states in “Compass” that if Ben “goes full skitter all bets are off”.

Not my best or most coherent post, but keep an eye out for more character examinations.

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 10, 2012.

One Response to “Some Quick Thoughts on Pope”

  1. Eh, I think you’re way off with that first theory. You forget that not only Pope is billed as a main character, but so is Anthony.
    My theory: Pope and Anthony will both return, and be alive. And that isn’t even a real theory, it’s a fact based on my good old friend, math. Both were absent for the same number of episodes, and both are credited for the same number of episodes. Pope has 5 to go to make it to the 17 credited episodes. Anthony, too. Unless he’ll magically come back from the dead right after Pope killed him, there’s no way he’s going to die. Yup, imdb spoilered that.

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