Where is Ben Headed?


The FS Facebook page, asks “Where is Ben Headed?”

As I have said (many times, sorry), wherever it is, I hope it isn’t off screen! I think it’s definitely somewhere with Red Eye or other rogue skitters. Maybe off planet? Maybe to an underground skitter base? What do you guys think?


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 9, 2012.

One Response to “Where is Ben Headed?”

  1. Another good question. Surprisingly, Ben is my favorite character. I’m wayyyyy too old to be a squealing fangirl, so I’m drawn in by Connor Jessup’s performance. The show lucked out when they found him; in the hands of a lesser young actor, it would have fallen flat.

    I’m definitely thinking you’re right. Ben is headed off to help the Skitter resistance and be a bridge between them and the 2nd Mass. Weaver effed that up royally when he failed to trust Tom and just came in guns blazing at Red Eye. I just hope Ben doesn’t disappear but gets his own plotline.

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