Some more thoughts on “Love and Other Acts of Courage”, Falling Skies Ratings.

I thought this was an awesome episode for the most part (seriously, forget Hal). I’m hoping it helps make up the numbers that have been dragging lately. Like I said, I am little worried that this resistance thing is a little too predictable, and may cause problems for viewing numbers. 

I am tired of the shows I like getting 2 seasons at the most. I already won’t watch anything on NBC anymore except Grimm, because that network has a blood lust for good shows that cannot be quenched. The good news is, TNT tends to not cancel shows just because the numbers dip sometimes. Granted, most of their long-running shows (Leverage) have MUCH smaller production costs. I’m pretty sure that the Closer was ended and not canceled. 

I’m not going to feel safe until I hear that season 3 is a go, and that we won’t have to wait a year for it.

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 9, 2012.

3 Responses to “Some more thoughts on “Love and Other Acts of Courage”, Falling Skies Ratings.”

  1. I have to admit that the obvious age discrepancy with Hal’s character is very distracting. Maggie is much too “old’ for this high school flirt-fest. Really am liking the Captain Weaver wearing himself thin angle they are taking. That could really begin to impact his decision making very soon. Lastly, I was very surprised that there was absolutely no tears shed for Ricky.

    • About Rick, the fact that they were chasing Red Eye, and that Rick stepped infront of the gun, that had everything to do with it. At that moment, Rick was considered an enemy. Tom and especially Ben were the only ones who saw him as a person at that moment. Also, really the last time we saw Rick was right after he betrayed them in S1, so I’m guessing he wasn’t going to garner a lot sympathy anyway.

  2. I see that we have a preview of Homecomings – looks good…

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