Yes. Ben!

IMDB user  Pixanaut had this to say:

As much as I don’t really like his portrayal, Ben is the only character that has to fight the alien EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

His fight is internal as much as it is external. There is a LOT of room for dramatic tension (think of Vikkus’ transformation in District 9, and the internal emotional trauma that caused). However, with such a huge cast, the writers don’t really get a chance to explore that intimately. 

I’d like to see the show take a page out of the way Game of Throne is edited… Spend time with half the characters for an episode, then spend time with the other half in the next episode. It allows the audience to become more engaged with the characters and allows the writers to build some momentum with the characters throughout an episode. 

As it is right now, so many people are crammed into each episode that Maggie ends up kicking a ball and saying three lines. Lourdes has three or four lines and some rushing around the operating room. Ben keeps saying the same three lines ‘I’m fine’, ‘nobody trusts me’, and ‘leave me alone’… 

Give us less characters per episode, give them more stuff to do!

My response: Amen! I agree with pretty much everything except I think Connor Jessup’s portrayal of Ben is spot on, but that’s my opinion.\

The full discussion leading up to this can be found on the thread with my LEAST favorite name “Less Ben, More Hal”:

And my rebuttal to this entire thread (lots of it has also been re-posted in blog entries) the much better titled “More Ben, Less Hal”:


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