I was wrong. I admit it. “Love and Other Acts of Courage”


So. Turns out I was wrong about Red Eye. Or so it appears. I reserve the right to say “I told you so” if it turns out to be an elaborate trap. I was really hoping they would take it in a different direction. Hopefully Red Eye going rogue isn’t so predictable that the show suffers for it, in terms of ratings or cancellation. I still think Charleston is a trap. Oh, by the way, NOBODY MENTIONED THAT RED EYE KILLED JIMMY! Not the most effective tactic to get the humans to trust you, killing the only person that the commanding officer really cared about other than his daughter.

And, of course, we were subjected to scene after scene of Hal and his Gal Friday. I was already wrong about Red Eye, did they have to beat us over the head with their creepy love plot? I don’t know how old Maggie is supposed to be, but it’s definitely older than 18, and Hal’s age is still ambiguous, but we keep hearing 16 and 17, then high school senior. I don’t know what high school you went to, but at mine lacrosse players of average intellect weren’t seniors at 16. Maggine finally showed some depth and backbone when she refused Hal’s advances.

Ben was, as usual, awesome in this episode. I am worried about what he said to Matt at the end about having to go away for a while. I remarked to my brother, whose theory is that Ben is going off-world, that “I don’t care where he goes as long as it’s not off screen.” 

I’m glad they got rid of Rick. His death was fitting, and a good cap to the episode progression. 

A more thorough review may be coming tomorrow.

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “I was wrong. I admit it. “Love and Other Acts of Courage””

  1. I didn’t like that they killed Rick, but it is most likely part of the reason Karen was able to worm her way into Ben. He has lost everyone who can kind of relate to him (Rick, Jimmy) and now Karen. He is on a very unsteady path.

    Jennifer AKA @JenniferRux

  2. […] have to say it was a failure. [Hey, I had to admit MY MOTHER was right, and Red Eye was a rogue in this article! -Greg] I was somewhat right on some things. Scratch that! I won’t say it was a failure, I will […]

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