Jamil and Lourdes. Also, How Old is Hal?! Also, Also, Ben!

I’m not sure how “How Do You Feel About Jamil and Lourdes?” became one of the hottest topics on IMDB, considering my answer is:

I don’t feel anything. I don’t care even a little bit. I didn’t think it was possible for me to care about anything less than Hal and Maggie, but they accomplished that in Jamil and Lourdes.

In other thoughts, in the first season we are told off the bat that Hal is 16, then Weaver calls him 17. Then we are told he was a high school senior. Which makes the crush Lourdes had on Hal in the beginning of S1 pretty creepy considering she was already pre-med (or in med school, they use it interchangeably). 

Don’t get me wrong, this is still one of, if not the, coolest shows ever. But really, stop trying to turn it into a soap opera. For the love of the Power of Greyskull, if they give Ben a love interest I’m gonna flip my lid. That goes double for if we lose Ben at anytime.  Connor Jessup keeps this cast together, along with Will Patton and Noah Wyle.


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 7, 2012.

3 Responses to “Jamil and Lourdes. Also, How Old is Hal?! Also, Also, Ben!”

  1. Some thoughts from other pockets of the online universe… TVTropes, more or less unified, has decided that Pope is the Ensemble Darkhorse (though that trope was upgraded to 6th Ranger when it became clear he’d stick around as a main character). He’s the one character the die hard Live Action tropers universally consider as “most interesting”, which is a notion I share due to his status as true wildcard.
    That said, I agree on the weirdness of the romances. I’m perfectly fine with Tom and Ann, really. It’s tradition to throw a love interest at the male lead and this relationship has a believable development and pace. Lourdes and Jamil don’t have that *at all*. Jamil came outta nowhere to replace the off-screen-killed Scott and it was just a given fact that he’s her boyfriend. The age difference, yes, it’s evident with this couple, too – Lourdes’ age is a mystery with several confusing pointers; Jamil is likely early to mid-twenties. However, Karen saw Lourdes as competition for the 16 – 17 years old Hal, which suggests Lourdes is the same age as Karen and Hal.
    Hal and Maggie, well, that’s the weirder one, for several reasons (age difference, Hal getting over Karen really really fast, flirting under enemy fire…)
    All in all, I just wish they’d drop the silly Hal/Maggie romance. They can keep Lourdes/Jamil as the sweet background couple, should the need for a dramatic scene about seperated lovers ever arise; and Tom/Ann doesn’t bother me at all. But that’s enough. Not the entire main cast needs to be paired up. There are enough other interesting dynamics between these people to explore; family ties, loyalty, friendship. And in a perfect world, a Londo-G’Kar (or, maybe even closer to home considering the ex-con/cop background: Quark-Odo) 2.0 with Pope and Anthony as frienemies, fire forged friends, friendly rivals or something along the lines.

  2. I agree that the glue to the cast is Tom(Noah), Weaver (Will) and BEN (Connor), but I think having crushes, love interests shows a human side that life will go one and there is a hope for a future. I have been saying since we started seeing Ben so tortured that he deserves a female counter part his age. I’m not saying a full blown love interest but a girl that is his age who has a sympathetic heart that doesn’t see him as a freak. Perhaps I am just a hopeless romantic at heart.

    Jennifer AKA @JenniferRux

  3. In an interview I saw on youtube with Seychelle Gabrielle (the actress who playes Lourdes), she says that Lourdes is 17 years old. She could just be one of those really smart people who skipped a few grades.

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