Alien technology and killing mechs

As far as reverse engineering the skitter technology, I think we’re pretty ahead of the curve when Pope made those mech-killing bullets. Which we haven’t seen this season. 

The lack of mech-killers this season bothers me. We went from not being able to kill mechs without special bullets to hearing “.50 Cal will put a hole in anything” in the S2 premier, right after or right before they downed that beamer at the bridge. Which is not what happened last season. We literally saw them shoot heavy machine guns at the mechs in S1 and nothing happened. I realize all the heavy armament could be loaded with mech-killers this season, but if that’s true they couldn’t be bother with adding one line of dialogue: “.50 cal with those special bullets will put a hole in anything!” Fixed.


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 7, 2012.

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