More on the Rest of the World.

Sjaddix: Still I am guessing it sucks to be in western europe do to lack of guns. South America, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia should be able to fight back well enough do to gun access.

My response:

The availability of small arms really doesn’t paint the whole picture. 

The prevalence of military rifles and couple tanks wouldn’t prevent even the US from rolling over most of the Middle East, South America, Africa, and Central Asia in a matter of weeks if we wanted to, let alone an advanced civilization of aliens who conquered us in like a month. You need a solid, modern, and well-equipped military capacity to even begin resisting a force as advanced as these aliens. 

Look how quickly we destroyed the military infrastructure and capacity of Iraq (twice). Or Grenada, or Panama. Or how quickly Germany conquered Poland when they sent cavalry up against tanks. 

Also, gun ownership is higher in some European countries than most people think it is. They are common in rural England, large parts of Germany and Scandinavian countries. Plus, every male of military age in Switzerland is issued military rifles and taught in their use in case of attack.

I mean, the 2nd Mass could barely kill any skitters without luring them near cars full of C4 before like episode 7 of S1. All the small arms in the world can’t save you when the two-legged tank trying to kill you is covered in adamantium or unobtainium or whatever scifi metal you want to use


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 6, 2012.

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