More on why the aliens came! Also, a different take on alien technology.

On the “Areas Outside the US” IMDB thread, Dr. Fell wrote:

coming to earth for metals is ridiculous, there are trillions of tons of metals in the asteroid belt that are easily accessable to a spacefaring culture. 

coming for slaves or to colonize is more reasonable 

My response:

That is a good point. However, there are certain metals that cannot be found in asteroid belts, some metals require oxygen to develop, or a certain type or mix of soils. 

So, while you may be correct if they are looking for, say, nickel, which can be found all over the asteroid belt. “Rare Earth metals”, such dysprosium, lanthanum, and yttrium, can only be found on Earth. 

Bear in mind this is just a theory of mine, I’m not staunchly defending it no matter what, your idea that they came only for slaves makes just as much sense.

In the “What would be awesome…” thread, mephis5 brings up the following points:

They have little kids running around with rifles during the day time, don’t the aliens have satellites and thermal imaging. 
The alien’s technology should make them near omniscient and omnipotent compared with the humans. 

Think about it, someone is walking around in the open. an alien probe should see them and zap them turning them to smoke, from ten miles away. Someone fires a gun and the aliens locate the source of the sound and zap the guy holding it

My response:

You make some valid points. However, you are coming from a possibly flawed basis. 

You are assuming that the alien’s technology developed along the exact same lines and times as ours. Just because they have some infrared capability does not mean that they developed it at the same pace we did, and it should therefor be light years ahead of our own. Maybe they came from a planet where infrared wasn’t practical because of radiation or something else, and thus didn’t start developing it until they started attacking other planets. 

It is entirely possible that though they outstrip us in space travel, certain other abilities are not as advanced. Maybe they don’t have satellites, and that is why they have to use the beamers. Just a few possibilities. 


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 5, 2012.

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