Why are the Aliens Here? What about the rest of the world?

This was originally one of my responses to an IMDB.com board post “I am wondering about areas outside of the US?”. It needs to be cleaned up edited so it can really stand alone as a theories post, but I wanted to get some content up.

Someone had brought why the aliens hadn’t blown up Boston or major cities, when it seemed they had leveled northern Mexico. My answer:

Their M.O., for whatever reason, is they want cities intact so far. Resources, infrastructure, some totally (pardon the term) alien logic, who knows? Not much of any of those things in the Mexican desert. So, blow it up, who cares?

It seems like it’s metal they are after. Maybe their world is poor in metals to begin with, or has been strip mined to hell.

They travel from world to world to bio-engineering creatures into skitters and stripping the places of metals, is my guess. Or maybe I’m totally wrong about their motivations, like I said, it could be some totally “alien” logic we will never understand.

As to the original question [the areas outside the US]. I’m guessing the modern countries in Europe, Asia, and inhabited parts of Australia (probably places like South Africa in Africa), are in the same boat as the US. Lots of deaths, little physical damage, children being stolen. Undeveloped or underdeveloped countries like certain Eastern European countries, Asian countries, etc, were probably destroyed outright by the invasion because of their lack of metals.

We don’t really know how extremes of temperature affect skitters (I’m guessing they don’t affect mechs or beamers at all), so places really cold like the Nordic countries or maybe hot places like the Middle East could be a problem for them. Harry Turtledove has a series about an invasion by aliens from a warm planet, and they don’t do as well trying to conquer places like Canada because of the winters.


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 4, 2012.

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