You guessed it, this is from a couple different IMDB board posts about the offer to come to Charleston, SC to join a supposed to new government. Once again, it will be cleaned up and organized at a later date. Most come from a thread named “So what are our thoughts on Charleston?”

Considering the whole reason the 2nd Mass exists is because the aliens had the ability to detect groups larger than 300 people. AND now they can detect the heat from the engines (no clue why that does not extend to the heat of the groups in the vehicles). So, I find it pretty much impossible they do not know about the huge groups of people supposedly in Charleston. Especially if they have heat, power, and running water. Most certainly a trap. There is no way they would leave such a large concentration of people alone. 

They are letting the 2nd Mass live for some unknown reason, possibly they have plans for Ben or Tom. Charleston? No way! 

[From IMDB user  soriphius-1]:  Really though, Charleston would actually be a pretty good place geographically speaking, its not like the Everglades or the Bayou, but it is surrounded by swamp and marshland, which I would imagine would greatly hinder the Skitters, especially their mechs

I’m going to have to disagree. Yes, for an entirely land-based force that would be true. However, the aliens have pretty much total control over the air power. It would be simple for them to land troops from the air, or even just blast Charleston to rubble from orbit. Thus far, for mysterious reasons, they have refrained from wide-scale physical damage to cities, but I think the opportunity to destroy most of the remaining resistance might justify them making an exception. 

Plus on the scale of size, Charleston is pretty much a drop in the bucket compared to other cities.

soriphius-1: True, but this little ragtag unit has found away to take out the Alien Aircraft. Id imagine a larger, more organized group would too. As of now, the ground based units seem to be the bigger threat. Its a mystery why they have not used space bombardment to take care of the resistance, maybe the Ships dropped off the Invasion force and left?

Downing a couple beamers with a machine gun and taking down a satellite dish with an RPG is one thing. Taking out the ships that surely crossed the stars and brought an invasion, and launched all those neutron bombs, killing 90% of the world’s population is whole different task. 

Also, (I know, I know, EVERYBODY on this and similar threads has said the following) I am convinced Charleston is either a trap, the concentration camp the overlord promised, or something similar. 


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 4, 2012.

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