Ben vs. Hal

An amalgamation of different responses on the Ben vs. Hal debate. Some come from my responses to a thread “More Hal, Less Ben” and others come from my own rebuttal thread “More Ben, Less Hal”. Once again, this needs to be edited and cleaned up to stand alone as a blog post, but I am trying to get content up.

I have to say more Ben and less Hal. I agree with everybody who has said at this point Hal is just a pretty face. I don’t care about him or the blondes he wants to date. Maggie is a more relatable character than Hal. He has done literally nothing to further the “rescue Karen” agenda. He whines, he mopes, he complains that Ben won’t obey him. Ben’s story line is compelling, dramatic, and mysterious. Plus he has super senses and super strength. Ben ftw. 

If they develop Hal more as a person, I may change my mind, but at this point he is just one-dimensional eye candy for preteens. What do we know about him at this point? He played Lacrosse, he used to beat Ben up for “being a math geek”, he has a thing for blondes, and he is much more swarthy than his blond siblings. Perfectly fine if this was a B-scifi movie, where all you need is the Jock, Nerd, Hot Nerd, Hot Girl, Guy Who Knows Horror Movies, and (usually heavy) Comic Relief. But in a prime time show, none of these add up to a well-rounded character. 

Maggie has the potential for serious depth as a character. Her childhood illness, her capture and abuse by Pope’s people. If we can get away from being Hal’s new blonde chick #2, she will definitely grow. I don’t care about the “will they, won’t they?” byplay. 

“Ben is the only one besides Pope who is into killing the enemy everyone else wants to play full house” 

Amen! I could not have put it better myself. Even Weaver, who used to be gung-ho, just wanted to get to the Catskills and hide out during the winter. And now this Charleston thing seems to be less about joining up for a bigger fight and more about finding people so they can take a hot shower and eat some mac and cheese. 

At least Tom seems more aggressive so far this season. He has basically shut up about negotiation or compromise. Too bad it took being tortured and experimented on for him to realize there is no peace with the skitter. But he still seems more concerned with hovering over Matt and making out with Moon Bloodgood than carrying the fight to the enemy. 

As for the “they give Hal the valuable missions” all Hal does is scout and occasionally blow stuff up. Basically anybody could do that. As proof, I offer the fact that nearly everybody in the 2nd Mass has at some point scouted and blown some stuff up. 

Also, “do more stuff” doesn’t equal character growth. Hal is still the whiny jock we met in the S1 premier. He hasn’t changed one iota. He gives orders now, but that’s an action, not a trait. Ben’s motivations and personality have changed, sometime for the worse sometime for the better. Not because he has super strength or senses now, but his CHARACTER developed. All Hal did was get an unofficial off-screen promotion. 


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 4, 2012.

One Response to “Ben vs. Hal”

  1. Hmmm…could you have given me new light to Hal? I am not sure but I enjoyed reading this. I too am a HUGE BEN fan, but I didn’t jump on that band wagon until S2. S1 I have to admit my favorite’s were a tie between Tom and Hal.
    Jennifer AKA @JenniferRux

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